Community West Church
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Our Vision

To see the people and places of West Richmond and beyond transformed by the love of God through Christ Jesus

Our Story

Community West Church came into being on April 20, 2014, as a church plant of Third Church, another church here in West Richmond. West Richmond historically has been an affluent transitional community. However, in recent decades the region has experienced growing diversity, social fragmentation and rising poverty. It’s also true that while suburban people have real struggles just like everybody else, we tend to hide those struggles behind masks of self-sufficiency.  

Our Hope

Community West hopes to help strengthen the fabric of West Richmond, serving local needs, breaking down walls of isolation, and providing a safe place where suburban people can drop their masks. We believe Jesus enters into our places of personal struggle to redeem our broken lives and to heal our splintered community. We believe God is renewing West Richmond, one life and one neighborhood at a time. We believe God is bringing us back into relationship with himself and each other. 

Why "Be Yourself at Community West Church?"

Have you ever had experiences of church where you felt everyone there seemed to be on their best behavior? They seemed to put their best foot forward. They presented a façade rather than the truth about their lives. Did it seem like No one really struggled or committed any real sins, at least not in church? Perhaps after a while you even gave up on church altogether because it seemed like too much work, or just fake. It just didn’t feel like a place to truly belong.

The scandal of Jesus is that he never required people to be a certain way before he welcomed them. In fact, Jesus behaved in an opposite way to what religious people of his day expected. Instead of rejecting prostitutes, tax collectors and other renowned sinners, Jesus went into their homes. He ate with them and received them as friends. Instead of saying to people, “Change, and I will receive you,” Jesus seemed to say to everyone he met, “I receive you and if you follow me, you will change.”

We invite you to “Be Yourself” because Jesus invites you to himself as you are, but he loves you too much to leave you that way.

Our Practices

Our weekly worship celebration on Sunday is a time for us to be reminded together of God’s love and forgiveness together, and to experience the freedom and joy of our salvation. In response to this freedom we hope gratitude and trust is developed in our relationship with Jesus. We intend for this time to be uplifting, honest, participatory, multi-sensory and gospel-centered.

Gathering in smaller groups is a way of life at Community West. We are convinced every human being was made for deeper friendship with God and other people. Our primary strategy for growing these relationships is our small groups (Missional Fellowships). 

We think everybody can contribute to the mission of our Church, whether its using spiritual gifts or inviting people into your life and the life of the church. Additionally, we invite you to become a growing financial steward which includes giving financially to the work of Christ in the world through our church. 


We pursue Jesus as the center of our lives and all we believe. Jesus lives today through the Spirit. We can live in relationship with him now when we turns from our sins and turn to Jesus.


We are committed to building mature relationships of love and friendship with the people God has brought into our lives.


We come together just as we are, without pretense or pride, knowing that we can be real with God, other people and ourselves. We will not live false or hidden lives.


We expect God not to leave us the way we are. We believe God calls us to a new way of life, restoring broken lives and communities.


We choose to give away responsibility and authority, deploying all believers in the ministry. We will not reserve meaningful roles for professional staff only.

Community West Church is a member of the Evangelical Covenant Order of Presbyterians (ECO). 

Our Beliefs

God the Trinity

With Christians everywhere, we believe in and worship the one true God revealed in Scripture – Father, Son, and Holy Spirit – who is both one essence and three persons.


Jesus Christ is both truly God and truly human, the eternal and creative Word. His perfect obedience in life and in death accomplished our redemption by perfectly satisfying God’s law.

The Holy Spirit

The Holy Spirit, the Third Person of God, convicts us of our rebellion against God and  to salvation offered through the Son. The Spirit also ministers gifts so that the Church is edified and Jesus glorified.

God's Word

We glorify God by recognizing and receiving His revelation of Himself, both in the infallible writings of the Old and New Testaments of the Bible and in the revelation of his Son Jesus.

The Sacraments

We believe in two sacraments, baptism and the Lord’s Supper.

Man's Purpose

We believe the great purpose toward which every human life is drawn is to glorify God and to enjoy Him forever.


All humanity is born into sin and are lost apart from the redemptive work of God. Through the work of Jesus on the cross, all of us can receive forgiveness of sin, and the gift of eternal life.

End Times

We believe in the imminent return of Jesus who will bring heaven and earth entirely under His reign. Therefore, we believe we are presently living in between the first and second coming of Jesus.