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What is the Generosity Project and why do we do it?

The Generosity Project exists to be an unexpected movement of generosity to all people of West Richmond. The Generosity Project is a series of annual events with NO strings attached. We see The Generosity Project as a value, an ideal, that we think differentiates our church from other churches.  In our “pay as you go world,” we think giving away something, absolutely free of charge helps make a place in people’s heart to receive God’s free gift in Jesus.

The Hope Blooms event was just one expression of The Generosity Project! 


Until 2019 The Generosity Project only found its expression through our annual Christmas Tree Giveaway. “The Great Pumpkin” Giveaway, was added to our expressions of generosity  to celebrate the fall season. We learned that generosity should not be limited to one part of the year and are continuing to look for ways to celebrate generosity all year long.

This event is scheduled again for Saturday October 16th, 2021

Until then enjoy 2019’s event video below!

The original Generosity Project event was inaugurated in December 2014. The idea was simple: a free Christmas Tree with NO STRINGS ATTACHED! As the years went on, the total number of trees given away increased and this event expanded to include live music, kids activities, food, warm beverages, and Christmas Wreath making.

This event is scheduled again for Saturday December 4th, 2021

Until then enjoy 2019’s event video below!