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We are sent, to all different kinds of people, with a message, empowered by the Holy Spirit.

After he resurrected and before he ascended, Jesus charged his disciples to go out with his message of salvation. He charged them to take that message to people who had not yet received it. For most churches, Jesus’ call to go amounts to a summons to repentance. The truth is that most churches becomes clubs for insiders, rather than missions or movements to reach lost people. The truth is most of us default into a consumer mindset related to the local church. We develop a “what’s in it for me” mentality, so we assess the local church just as we would a shopping mall or a local restaurant. Yet Jesus’ vision for the Church is that it would be a movement of people changed by his own death and resurrection. We would be a movement of redeemed, changed people who point more and more people to this Great Salvation. God mission is the reconcile the world to himself. The Church is his great instrument of that mission.