Community West Church

Thanks for considering a financial gift to the church!

We believe God offers us incredible joy and peace in giving, and we’re pleased to invite you to give to our ministry. 

For questions or communication, including notifying us about stock gifts, please contact Kerri Swaim at


You can place cash or check gifts in a green box on the hospitality table labeled “Tithes and Offerings”


Set up a recurring payment or give a one-time donation by clicking here to get to Church Community Builder site. You do not have to be a registered member to give online.


Atten: Financial Office Administrator

12201 Gayton Road, Suite 210

Henrico, VA 23238

*Note Credit & Debit Card transactions incur a $0.29/donation + 2.29-2.8% processing fee taken from your gift.

ACH bank transfers the “Bank Account” option incur only a $.29 fee and only take a few minutes to set up. Click here to get set up on our Church Community Builder site.

If possible, please give using the “Bank Account” option instead of the “Credit/Debit Card” option to minimize processing costs.


Dear fellow partners and friends of Community West Church,

During this slightly disorienting time I want to remind everyone of the importance to maintain the spiritual and practical practices of giving our tithes and offerings.   Even though we are not currently gathering physically on Sunday mornings right now, the expenses to which we are obligated continue and must be funded. I know it’s easy to forget when we’re not in the service and the plate or bag is not being passed around.  However, it is so very important that we don’t forget to continue our giving so that we, as a church body, can honor our obligations. We still have payroll, rent, utilities and programs.

Blessings Steve Boyce and Sam Rooks, Stewardship Elders