Community West Church

I don’t know anyone really satisfied with his or her life.  The proof is the wide variety of strategies we all employ to improve our lives – job changes, makeovers and vacation home purchases.  We try a new hairstyle, a new clothing purchase, or a new spouse.  We move to another city and make a fresh start, or we often think about it.  We’re constantly changing, as if we’re searching for something we don’t yet have.  If everybody was satisfied with his or her life, we all would be resting and enjoying our lives, but nobody rests!  Nobody stops to enjoy life.  Peel back the layers of the life of just about anyone you know and what you will likely find there is discontent, searching and deadness.  The soul cry of every single one of us is how can we be fully alive, meaningfully and satisfyingly, without that numb emptiness inside.  The Bible writer John devotes his entire book to resolving this question of how to be fully alive.  John believes he has found the answer, and he wants you to have that answer and share it with others!