Community West Church

Current Events

Here are a few of our upcoming events.  Each image will take you to a more in depth look at what’s coming up and how you can get involved!

Hope Blooms is an expression of our Generosity Project which are unexpected movement of generosity. In our “pay as you go world,” we think giving away something absolutely free of charge, helps make a place in people’s heart to receive God’s free gift in Jesus. The Hope Blooms event is a flower give away taking place on Saturday May 1st, at 10 AM at 2340 Pump Road.

Everybody tries to find life somewhere. Is a Christian’s hope in the resurrection of Jesus entirely for after we die? Strangely, the early Christians understood the new world of the resurrection as having been pulled into life now, as a basis for living today. Come hear the apostle Paul’s unexpected teaching from I Corinthians 15.

We call our Small Groups, Missional Fellowships at Community West Church. These are groups where the best of life is found at Community West. You can expect to grow in God’s Word, develop accountable relationships, and serve and do out reach together.

We have developed a fresh strategy for communicating on Facebook during these Stay at Home times. Give us a like and follow us to stay in the loop!