Vision and Values

Our vision is to see the people and places of West Richmond and beyond transformed by the love of God through Christ Jesus.

Our mission is to create authentic communities that reach people with the message of Jesus, grow us in relationship with God, and serve our neighbors through the Spirit. Every part of our ministry comes from our vision, values, and mission, and all of it is a part of God's greater mission of love and redemption.

What we value


We pursue Jesus as the center of our lives and all we believe. Jesus lives today through the Spirit. We can live in relationship with him now when we turns from our sins and turn to Jesus.



We are committed to building mature relationships of love and friendship with the people God has brought into our lives.



We come together just as we are, without pretense or pride, knowing that we can be real with God, other people and ourselves. We will not live false or hidden lives.



We expect God not to leave us the way we are. We believe God calls us to a new way of life, restoring broken lives and communities.



We choose to give away responsibility and authority, deploying all believers in the ministry. We will not reserve meaningful roles for professional staff only.