We love students. We believe students aren't fringe members of our community - they are essential participants in our mission.

What We Are About

As we serve the mission and vision of Community West Church, we want to equip our students for participation in church after graduation, and empower a FAITH THAT WILL ENDURE.


In addition to the values of Community West, we are:

A SAFE SPACE: We provide trustworthy adult leaders and a welcoming environment in which students feel safe asking questions and seeking support and guidance.

FAMILY-BASED: We believe that spiritual formation is most effectively accomplished when the home and the church work as a team for discipleship.

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  • Congratulations to Caroline for winning all the raffles last weekhellip
  • Attention all students! Give aways are happening this week Firsthellip
  • Through all the struggles youve had this week you werenthellip
  • For freedom Christ has set us free stand firm thereforehellip
  • As water reflects the face so ones life reflects thehellip
  • We all get tired Tired really just means weve donehellip
  • He counts the stars and calls them all by namehellip
  • The second is this You shall love your neighbor ashellip