Sermon Series | Receiving Jesus

Christmas is about gifts.  We give and receive gifts.  Christians speak about receiving baby Jesus.  We say, “Are you ready to receive Jesus?”  “Have you made room in your heart for Jesus?”  But how ready are we to receive God’s gift at Christmas, really? 

Have you ever thought of how vulnerable it is simply to receive?  For example, how quick are we to receive a compliment?  And how ready are we to receive a gift, without any thought of how we will pay the person back?  And too, how ready are we to receive a gift that really isn't what we wanted or expected?  How ready are we to receive a gift simply from the heart of the one who gave it?     

What we are going to learn this Advent and Christmas is that there is more to receiving than meets the eye.  We are asking the Spirit to give us faith to receive Jesus this Christmas!  Invite a friend, neighbor or co-worker to join us this December.  

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