Sermon Series | The Kingdom of God

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Some of us have heard Christians talk about the Kingdom of God. What is the Kingdom of God? Is it just a mythical storybook world of kings and queens? When Jesus came to earth, he came announcing the arrival of the kingdom of God. Jesus said the Kingdom of God is the dawn of the new and final age. It is the age of righteousness, justice, reconciliation and peace. It is the age when everything is restored to the way it was in the beginning, before sin came into the world. And Jesus came announcing that he himself is the King of the Kingdom! He personally brought the Kingdom to earth, and he is inviting you and me into that Kingdom through faith in him. One of the ways Jesus invited people into the Kingdom of God was through fascinating little stories called parables. Parables are stories Jesus told to give us the perspective of the Kingdom of God. Each week during the Fall and Winter at Community West, we will be looking at a different parable Jesus told on the Kingdom of God.

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