Sermon Series | The Christmas Spirit

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Everybody loves to get into the Christmas spirit! People give gifts to each other at Christmas. We smile more to each other; we slow down; and the world just seems like a kinder, gentler place. But is this the Christmas Spirit? It's also true that everybody knows Christianly that Christmas is about the coming of Jesus. But Christianly is that all Christmas is about? ​What we forget​ about Christmas is that Jesus was not the only member of the Trinity who came that first Christmas. The Holy Spirit was vitally involved in Christmas. It was the Holy Spirit who spoke through the prophets about the ​Savior's coming, the Holy Spirit who conceived the Savior's mortal body in Mary's womb, and the Holy Spirit who ​is the guarantee of ​the Savior's return! The Holy Spirit is the ​Christmas ​Spir​it​! Join us this Advent to learn how we might receive not only the Savior but ​his Spirit as well. - Nelson

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