A Safe Place For All

A Safe Place for All: Community West Public Safety Statement

We believe that effective ministry for all in our community requires relationships with caring, attentive people who can demonstrate God’s authentic  love. At Community West Church this is especially the priority with our children, youth, and vulnerable populations-including the elderly and the infirm.

Every 3 years all volunteers and staff members are trained, screened and certified through our denomination’s Proud to Protect program.  Additionally, a background check is completed for each volunteer over the age of 18. Our proactive intent is to adhere to policies and procedures to keep relationships with children and youth safe.  Appropriate guidelines, boundaries, and support for volunteers are designed so that those ministering may be effective and well-informed about their roles.

Creating a safe environment is not just the responsibility of those directly involved in ministry activities; it is the responsibility of our entire congregation. By fostering awareness of appropriate behaviors in the presence of our children and youth, we  practice Christian love and respect for one another. I am thankful that our church is so committed to helping children and youth discover God’s enduring, amazing love. Thank you for your continued support in making our church a safe and nurturing place for all of God’s children and vulnerable people.   

-Dr. Nelson Ould, Lead Pastor