We’re developing our 19 acres at 2340 Pump Road.  Follow our story as it unfolds.

This land is the site of our future church home and will further enable us to serve West Richmond.



Early Spring Update 2018

Community West Church is developing our property with a building that provides for worship, education, and community involvement while preserving the retreat-like acreage.  Back in June, 2017 we held community conversations with our neighbors, community leaders, as well as school and county administrators on our land. We were inspired and encouraged by these dialogues.  

Our overall mission is to build relationships while we plan our first facility.  Recently, our church hired a talented architectural firm. Building and village green concepts are in process.  We plan to continue to engage our community in our growth for the good of the West End and beyond.


On March 3, 2016 Community West Church closed on the purchase of 19 acres at 2340 Pump Road. This is a rare tract of undeveloped green space in West Richmond, and we feel blessed and grateful now to have it. We do not consider ourselves owners but rather stewards. It is our intention to always to use it for God's glory.

Eventually, we intend to build on this property as our future church home. In the meantime, we look forward to using it in ways that will connect and serve West Richmond and the mission of our church. It is a rare green space, surrounded by neighborhoods and within close proximity to schools, businesses and other organizations. Through the use of the fields and spaces here we hope our community experiences rest and refreshment while building stronger bonds of community. Even as we build, we hope always to preserve its character as a "village green."

We hope you will join us in celebrating God's gift of this property to Community West, and in renewing it for its highest and best use for the sake of West Richmond and beyond! We are glad to entertain requests to use the land, and we pledge to use all donations to fulfill this overall vision.

"The conversations have inspired me...about the future use of this land and learning ways about how the property can serve folks around it. Community West’s great assets can be a further service to the community," says Mike Watkins, an urban planner and architect. Watch the two and a half minute video below to learn more from Dr. Ould, lead pastor, and Mr. Watkins, about how our land is being planned with relationships top of mind.  


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