Sermon Series | God For Us

Two of our most precious commodities are our time and our money.  We never think we have enough of either!  And with both, we tend to think they are ours to apportion as we please.  And, we tend to think that both hold the key to a happy and fulfilling life.  Jesus warns, however, that both are a trap.  Money is God’s chief rival for a person’s heart.  Time is one of the primary ways a person can express trust in God.  In this series we’re going to look at biblical principles for handling money and time.  Through this series we’re going to see the surprising truth that it’s not what God wants from us, but it’s what God wants for us, with respect to our time and money.  What God wants for us is life, but he can’t give us that life unless he has our hearts.  In this series, we’ll learn spiritual practices that help us give God our hearts, so he can give our hearts life.

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