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Early in our marriage, my wife Nicole and I were properly taught about giving and tithing. As we followed that teaching we marveled at God’s faithfulness as we learned to trust Him. God has since grown our faith as He has demonstrated His faithfulness by always providing for our needs. It was a little hard at first.  But now it seems very natural to trust in the goodness of our Creator and to exercise that trust in our giving.

Teachings about giving can be tricky. They can seem forced because they coincide with discussions about next year’s church budget along with various needs. Those combined messages can come off as either “give to get,”  “give to please,” or “give to support something you think is important.” To us, Faith-Giving is about something bigger and better.

Listen, God is pleased to bless us because He loves us, not because we’ve earned His good pleasure. But His blessings come in many forms. 

God will bless us with lessons and tests to help us learn to rely upon Him and Him alone.  Sometimes He sends us lessons and tests.  Sometimes He invites us into lessons and tests.  The opportunity to tithe and give is an invitation.  Read the Book of Malachi. Did you know that in the area of tithing God offers a rare, if not utterly unique, invitation? God says in Malachi 3:10 “Test me in this.”

Our tithes and offerings are not about meeting the needs of the church. While God often chooses to work through His people, God can meet the needs of the church without you. One thing we must understand about God is that He is Mighty and doesn’t need us. So we can relax about that. Tithes and offerings are all about God teaching us to trust in Him. He wants us to trust Him and He has proven Himself to be so faithful, trustworthy, loving “that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”

How we handle our money is largely about trust. God always gives us the option to trust in ourselves instead of trusting in Him. Do you hold on tight to your money and trust in it (or yourself)? Or, do you tithe and give sacrificially and demonstrate trust in God?  One of the greatest blessings is in trusting the One who is the Most Trustworthy of All. With that trust comes a peace beyond understanding. It’s wonderful.

It’s easy to miss the real message of why we give.  So, I encourage you to pray and listen for the Spirit’s leading…then trust Him.

Blessings, Steve and Nicole Boyce