Sermon Series | Ephesians

Who do you think you are?  If I asked you that question, how do you think you’d answer it?  I am...single, married;  smart, dumb;  beautiful, unattractive;  successful, a failure;  clean, dirty;  forgiven, condemned.  It’s amazing.  We don’t think about these things very often.  We don’t articulate them, except for those conversations when it comes out almost inadvertently.   The truth is we all have an identity crisis.  We know that because we’re constantly trying to make a name for ourselves in our appearance, our jobs, our children’s accomplishments, or our acquisitions.  We’re constantly trying to secure our identities by getting other people’s approval or by achieving at school or work.  But we can never quite settle our search for identity, and it shows up in our striving, our anxiety, and our poor interactions with other people.

In his letter to the Ephesians the apostle Paul says that finding your identity in Jesus Christ changes everything.  When you begin to grasp what it means to be blessed, chosen, adopted, reconciled, rescued, heard and loved by God, then your identity begins to grow richly settled and your relationships become characterized by unity, your speech by truth and wholesomeness, and your character by purity and generosity.  Husbands and wives, and children and parents, have more peaceful, flourishing relationships, and you live in more of the spiritual power of God.  This is what it means to find your identity in Christ!  I hope you’ll join us each week in worship, and pray and watch for how God is growing us in Christ together.

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