Sermon Series | Desert Growth

From time to time, all of us find ourselves in a wilderness experiences.  Wilderness experiences can be triggered by job loss, infidelity, cancer, or a prolonged season of disappointment with your children, your marriage or the overall course of your life.  We’re tempted in wilderness experiences to believe that God has forgotten us, given up on us, or isn’t really who we believed him to be.

That’s why we need the Exodus story.  The account of Israel’s exodus out of slavery in Egypt demonstrates that your best season could be your hardest season, that to get transformation you may need to endure deprivation, and that your wilderness season just may be your most flourishing season of growth.  Something is growing in the desert!  That’s the focus for this series, and we hope you will come see how God can use your wilderness experiences to build a deeper richer relationship with him.

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