Community West Church

Current Events

Here are a few of our upcoming events.  Each image will take you to a more in depth look at what’s coming up and how you can get involved!

During December we are entering a new phase of our Capital Campaign called “Crossing Over Together.” This phase is based off of Joshua 3.  For more information and how to participate click the image above.

When you sit with a friend do you want to take the conversation beyond the superficial and into more meaningful depths? When you walk alongside a friend who’s going through rough circumstances do you find yourself tongue-tied and grasping for words of solace or gracious exhortation?  This one-day introductory training from The Barnabas Center – a Christian counseling, teaching and training ministry – equips you to go deeper in conversation and better encourage friends facing difficult times in life and faith.

Read it here!

There are many topics and aspects to following Jesus that are harder to cover in Missional Fellowships, what we call Small Groups and on Sunday mornings. So we offer Learning Seminars for a 6 week period to cover these topics.