Sermon Series | Christmas Presence

Many of us have powerful memories as kids of our parents showing up, at a ballgame, a recital, or an awards ceremony, or failing to show up.  While much of life outwardly seems to revolve around having and getting, acquiring and keeping up, a bit of reflection will convince us that our most powerful positive and negative emotions and memories often revolve around whether or not someone important to us was actually there.  Powerful memories of people being there for us are an archetype of our longing for God.  In other words, Christmas can go galloping off with spending and presents, but the power of Christmas is God fulfilling our longing that we are no longer alone.  God is now with us.  In our study of Luke 1-2 we will explore the power of a God who wished not to remain far away, in heaven, but to come down to earth to dwell with his people in the flesh.  In this Christmas series, we learn that the power of Christmas is not in Christmas presents, but in Christmas presence.

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