Be Yourself

Why is our tagline “Be Yourself at Community West Church?”

Many of you have had experiences of church where you felt everyone there seemed to be on their best behavior. Everyone seemed to put his or her best foot forward. They presented a façade rather than the truth about their lives. No one really seemed to struggle or commit any real sins, at least not in church. Perhaps after a while you even gave up on church altogether because it seemed like too much work, or just too false. It didn't feel like a place to truly belong.

The scandal of Jesus was that he never required people to be a certain way before he welcomed them. In fact, Jesus behaved in an opposite way to what religious people of his day expected. Instead of rejecting prostitutes, tax collectors and other renowned sinners, Jesus went into their homes. He ate with them and received them as friends. Instead of saying to people, “Change, and I will receive you,” Jesus seemed to say to everyone he met, “I receive you and if you follow me, you will change.”  In other words, Jesus invites us to himself as you are, but he loves us to much to leave us that way!

Join us at Community West, where you too can be yourself.