Sermon Series | A Better Story

Everyone has a story.  Most people are looking for a better story, a story that gives them something more — more hope, more sense of connection to what’s meaningful, true and filling, more assurance that we’re part of something bigger than ourselves.  The impulse for the series is a west end culture that embraces individualism and isolation.  We park in our garages and sit on our back decks.  We buy whatever we need, with little reason to depend on anyone else.  We keep up appearances, even though we have our secrets and hide our struggles.  For many of us, that’s our story.  In this series we’re asking the question, “What would it mean to be part of a better story?  What would it look like to be part of the story of God?”  We hope you’ll join us for this series, listen to sermons online, and otherwise consider what it might look like for God’s story to be your story.

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